13 year old boy open fires in classroom killing 9 people in school in Belgrade, Serbia and informs police, 2023 May 4 news

Shock in Serbia: 13-year-old student shoots 9 people in classroom informs police

Belgrade: A school student in Serbia killed nine people in a classroom shooting.

Vladislav Ribnikar is an elementary school in the Vrakar neighbourhood of Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. On Wednesday, a 13-year-old pupil at the school opened fire in the classroom. In this case, eight of the student’s classmates were slain. A school guard was also slain.

School shooter arrested by police in Serbian school shooting 2023 May 4, Serbian news

The student who was engaged in the shooting called the cops. Following this, the student was arrested and is currently being questioned by police. According to police, the student who carried out the shooting intended to murder additional classmates.

According to the authorities, “the student who opened fire had planned the attack a month in advance.” He has also drawn a schematic of the classroom and a list of youngsters who will be murdered. The shooting was planned by the boy.

Serbian people mourn for the victims of Serbian school shooting 2023 May 4, school shooting news

The majority of the casualties were females. He has murdered seven young women. A teacher and six children were injured and are being treated at the hospital. Two of the students are critically ill. “When we arrested the student who had been involved in the shooting, he was scared and nervous,” they stated.

In Serbia, shootings are uncommon. In this circumstance, the shooting at the school has stunned the Serbian people. Mournings for the victims of the massacre are being conducted across Serbia.

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