Ukraine respects Kali culture asks sorry to Indians for controversial Kali twitter tweet 2023, India Ukraine war news

‘Respect Indian culture’ – Ukraine apologizes for Kali controversy twitter tweet

New Delhi: Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emin Tabarova apologised today (May 2) for the Ministry of Defence’s contentious Twitter remark regarding Kalidevi.

“The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has posted a tweet depicting the Hindu god Kali in the wrong way,” he said on Twitter. Adding “We are sorry. Ukraine and its people value India’s distinct culture. The contentious tweet has since been removed. Ukraine is determined to strengthen mutual ties and friendship.”

Ukraine apologizes and asks sorry for the troublesome Kali twitter tweet image, 2023 Ukraine India war news

Previously, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence erased a contentious tweet that incorrectly represented the Hindu deity Kali. One of the images linked to the Twitter post, labelled “Artwork,” showed Kali above the rising smoke from the explosion.

The picture caused quite a sensation among Indians. Indians have taken to social media in large numbers to demand an apology from Ukraine. They also decried it as an affront to the goddess Kali, who is revered by a huge number of Indians. Ukraine has apologised in this matter.

Tamil goddess Kali, Ukraine apologizes for troublesome war tweet, 2023 India Ukraine war news

It is interesting that the country’s Ministry of Defence has given such a reaction in the weeks following Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister visited India.

Emin Tabarova is the first Ukrainian minister to visit India since Russia launched its invasion on Ukraine last February. During her visit to India, Emin met with India’s Deputy Foreign Minister Meenakshi Lekhi and presented Prime Minister Modi with a letter written by Ukrainian President Zelensky requesting India’s intervention in the Russian war in Ukraine.

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