Unrest in Pakistan creates chaos after Imran Khan arrest, news 2023 May 11

Pakistan is in flames. Everything is violent, What is happening?

Islamabad: Since the arrest of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the nation has been in a state of unrest. As a result, there is much conflict occurring in various locations. Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister, was detained yesterday. Imran Khan was the subject of multiple cases, but he has escaped arrest thus far.
He arrived yesterday for a case hearing at the Islamabad High Court in the interim. The paramilitary forces of Pakistan then took him into custody.

Imran Khan is detained in the Khader Foundation case. Up until last year, the 70-year-old Imran Khan held the position of prime minister of Pakistan. He was now taken into custody. Recently, Imran Khan made shocking accusations against the chief of Pakistan’s intelligence organisation, ISI.

He said this on the same day that the arrest was made. There is currently a significant uprising in Pakistan against Imran Khan’s detention in support of him. Arson and violence have occurred towards the end of protests in various locations. Six individuals have died as a result of the riots thus far. Quetta, Faisalabad, Saktara Swat, and Lahore all reported deaths.

What is happening in Pakistan, as protests outbreak after Imran Khan arrested by Pakistani Government and Pakistan is in Chaos now.

Fire: Demonstrators who vandalized the Army headquarters’ entrance in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, have been holding demonstrations there and elsewhere. Additionally, there have been instances of shooting in several regions of Pakistan. It was also set on fire by Imran Khan’s followers in a number of locations. This produced a quite stressful situation. Islamabad: As peace and order in Pakistan continue to deteriorate, the Islamabad High Court has decided that Imran Khan’s arrest is permissible. Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI and a former Pakistani prime minister, was detained by Pakistani Rangers yesterday outside the Islamabad High Court.

In the Al-Qadr Foundation case, Imran Khan was taken into custody. On May 1, a warrant for his arrest was issued by the National Accountability Bureau, leading to his arrest in Rawalpindi. Supporters organised a sizable demonstration after his detention. All around the nation, Section 144 has been implemented.

For the first time in Pakistani history, Imran Khan’s followers are at the army headquarters. Army HQ: For the first time in Pakistani history, Imran Khan’s supporters surrounded the army headquarters in Rawalpindi and destroyed military decorations there. Additionally, the demonstrators broke into the Lahore Cantt home of the Corps Commander and set fire to objects there. They also burned the police barricades after tossing them on the ground.

Pakistan is in flames, military called in pakistan as nationwide unrest continues after Imran Khan arrest and protests erupt.

In opposition to Imran Khan’s arrest, the PTI also staged a rally in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There, Khan’s followers also set fire to the Peshawar headquarters of Radio Pakistan. Along the Indus Highway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, his fans set tyres on fire. Additionally, they demonstrated outside the nearby Air Force installation.

India: Because of this, all private schools in Pakistan have been closed indefinitely. The Indian Army has reportedly increased surveillance along the Line of Control and the International Border while closely monitoring the situation in Pakistan, according to reports from India. Several political figures have harshly criticized Imran Khan Quaid. They have also brought a lawsuit against this in court. Imran Khan’s arrest was authorized according to the Islamabad High Court. Imran Khan has caused some animosity in that area.

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