Khader Adnan dies after not eating for 3 months in Isreal prison, Isreal now launches ruthless heavy airtstrikes on Gaza, Palestine

Khadar Adnan dies after fasting for 3 months Israel sets heavy airstrike on Gaza

Tel Aviv: Palestinian Khader Adnan passed away while still on a hunger strike in an Israeli jail. After then, fighting between the Israeli army and the Palestinian insurgents started.

Palestine’s Khader Adnan has long advocated for the creation of an independent state. In this circumstance, the Israeli soldiers detained Khader Adnan. The Palestinian side, however, claimed that Khader Adnan was detained illegally.

Israel launches ruthless heavy airstrikes on Gaza, Palestine. 2023 may news Palestine

For the previous three months, Khader Adnan, who was incarcerated, had been on a hunger strike. He turned down medical assistance from the Israeli government as well. In this instance, Israel announced yesterday that Khader Adnan was found dead in his room after being found unconscious and being examined. After Khader Adnan passed away, Palestinian Hamas rebels started attacking Israel.

Khader Adnan free Palestine protester freedom fighter photo image 2023, Palestine-Israel war

Israel responded by attacking Hamas Friday night with several airstrikes. There is tension there as a result. According to Palestine, an Israeli airstrike resulted in one Palestinian fatality and five injuries. Meanwhile, Khader Adnan-supporting demonstrators in Gaza demonstrated against Israel while carrying placards.

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