Chinese man who reported on covid conspiracy released after 3 years in China government detainment jail

Did China release the person who published the Corona video after 3 years?

Hong Kong: It has been claimed that the authorities have freed a guy who vanished mysteriously three years ago after sharing a “video” regarding the Corona epidemic’s rabid spread in China on social media.

The corona virus began to spread in the city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province of our neighbouring China in December 2019. The Chinese government first set a lot of limitations on how the issue might be covered by the media.

In this instance, some individuals posted photos on social media showing dead lining up in cemeteries and thousands of patients in Chinese hospitals. Among them, the tapes made public by Fang Bin and Chen Qiushi gave the authorities a lot of trouble. They both vanished out of nowhere in February 2020.

Fang Bin Chinese journalist released after 3 years for corona revelation of China government

In this instance, Chen Kyushi claimed that he had been dealing with severe depression for a long time on his friend’s “You Tube” social media channel in the month of September 2021. He disappeared together with Fang Bin, whose whereabouts remain unknown. According to reports, he was detained by the police and sent to jail.

According to the reports, he was the target of a lawsuit when he got into a street brawl and made threats. It is rumoured that persons who criticise the Chinese government are frequently the targets of legal action.

In this instance, authorities said that Fang Bin, who had been detained, had been freed yesterday. However, no official details in this regard have been made public.

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