China is increasing it's military strength, 2023 China army news

China is increasing its military strength, China Army News 2023 UPDATE

Beijing: China is attempting to build up its military power in a number of nations across the world, second only to the United States.

China controls the ports of Hambantota and Gawadar in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, which it significantly finances. Currently, it is attempting to establish a military base in Khalifa Port in the UAE and Shah Bahar in Iran.

Yuan Wang 5 spy ship from China army new news 2023

The Yuan Wang 5 spy ship, which has been eavesdropping on commerce in the Pacific and Indian oceans, is berthed close to the port of Durban, South Africa.

Additionally, China is taking part in discussions to build a new port in the South-east Asian nation of Riam in Cambodia. In this instance, Chinese President Xi Jinping is attempting to fortify his country’s naval in the South American nation of Argentina and the Western Sea region of Africa.

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