Operation Kaveri, 186 more Indians rescued from Sudan and total of 3000 Indians rescued and dispersed to India through Jeddah, Dubai : News 2023 May

As part of “Operation Kaveri,” 186 more Indians were rescued from Sudan

Jeddah: Sudan’s military has seized control, according to reports in Jeddah. The war began when the army and the paramilitary failed to hand over authority to the people’s representatives for the specified amount of time. Many people have been killed.

The federal government launched the ‘Operation Kaveri’ initiative to rescue Indians stranded in Sudan in this backdrop. As a result, Indians are being rescued by C-130 aircraft from the Indian Air Force and the INS Sumeda ship.

3000 Indians in total rescued from Sudan by Indian armed forces under the Operation kavery rescue mission via Jeddah airport, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is also pitching in. Indians rescued in Sudan are sent to Saudi Arabia. They are then dispersed throughout India.

At the moment, 186 Indians are being airlifted from Jeddah to Kochi, Kerala. According to a tweet sent yesterday by Union Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagshi, 3,000 persons have been rescued from Sudan and returned to India.

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