Jordan Neely killed by a white man in the New York subway train, May 4 2023 USA news update

A young black man was strangled to death on a subway train in New York!

According to reports, the 30-year-old rider in the northbound F train screamed violently at other passengers and got into a fight. Then, as the other two held his hands, one of them after him, grabbed him by the neck, and forced him to the ground.

RIP Jordan Neely, New York subway train protesters demand justice for Jordan Neely and asking arrest of the killer white man, medical examiner ruled Jordan Neely's death as a homicide, May 4 2023 New York USA news update day to day

As the train arrived at the Broadway-Lafayette station, a passenger captured the action on camera. The victim was discovered to be dead when the police came and checked him. The specifics of the dead and those responsible for the attack are being looked into by the police.

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