Anurag Chandra, Indian man who killed 3 American teen after door bell prank on his house, has been found guilty of murder

3 American teen boys killed in California, Indian declared criminal

New York: A guy of Indian descent was found guilty in the US of killing three youngsters who were pulling practical jokes by ringing the doorbell. American resident Anurag Chandra is an Indian of Indian descent who resides in Riverside County, California. In 2020, neighbourhood 16-year-old males rang the doorbell that was put in his house.

The lads allegedly played naughtily by pushing the bell. The boys pressed the bell and climbed into the car while Anurag, angered by the ongoing joke, pursued them. Three kids were murdered and three others were wounded when he wrecked that automobile.

American teen boys killed by Indian man for ding dong ditch in house in California, USA

The incident-related case was still pending in an American court. Anurag was found guilty yesterday at the case’s retrial based on the testimonies of the witnesses.

No information has been provided on the punishment. Anurag acknowledged that he did not intentionally murder the kids in this case, but expressed sorrow for his inebriated behaviour.

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