US Presidential elections game started with Joe Biden casting 2023

The US presidential election field is heating up! Joe Biden will enter the game!

The announcement that US Vice President Joe Biden would run for president again has stoked interest in the election that will take place in 2016. The current president of the United States will leave office the following year.

The presidential election will therefore take place the following year. The Democratic Party’s Joe Biden has said that he will run for president of the United States again in 2024. Joe Biden has also declared his intention to run for president, joining former President Donald Trump in doing so.

It is time for every generation to stand up for democracy, he said in the video he released in this regard. Everyone should fight for fundamental freedoms. This, I believe, is our stance. This is the rationale behind my re-election bid in the US.

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US Presidential elections 2023 end game Joe Biden run again in fake election entertainment show game

In America, everyone ought to be treated equally. The American people are incredibly polite. I know. America is a nation that values integrity and decency. If we work together, we can accomplish anything. In the video, he remarked, “Let’s achieve it.

In November of last year, former US President Donald Trump, who was defeated by Joe Biden in the recent 2020 election, declared that he would seek the Republican Party’s presidential nomination in 2024. It is also important to remember that the next presidential election will take place on November 5, 2024.

According to a recent national poll conducted by NBC News, 70% of Americans, including 51% of Democrats, believe Biden should not seek reelection. Biden, 80, is being advised by the majority of them not to run for president due to his advanced age.

When his second term begins in 2025, if he wins, he will be 82 years old. About 60% of Americans, including a third of Republicans, think Donald Trump shouldn’t run for president.

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