Jonathan Jacob Meijer an Excessive sperm donor banned by dutch court for fathering over 550 children, Netherlands

The court bans the ‘generous lord’ who donated sperm 550 times in Netherlands

A Dutch court has instructed a guy who has given sperm about 550 times to “don’t donate any more,” according to The Hague (Netherlands). The court also stated that if Jonathan Jacob Meijer attempts to give sperm again in defiance of the injunction, he would be fined 1,000 Euros (about Rs 90,416.57 in Indian currency).

The shocking information comes from a rights action brought against him at The Hague Court by a charitable organisation and the mother of Jonathan. Judge Hesling heard the matter. According to his assessment, “The sperm donor has misled the potential donor parents as to how many children he is the father of.

Parents concerned about kids joining a large extended family with hundreds of siblings from the sperm donor Jonathan Jacob Meijer, year 2023

All those parents are now concerned about their kids joining a large extended family with hundreds of siblings. They had not made the decision. This court forbids the individual from providing sperm donations going forward. The injunction said that he was no longer allowed to solicit sperm donations from anybody or advertise with any groups.

At least 13 hospitals have received sperm donations from Jonathan thus far. The Netherlands is home to 11 of them. A guy should not give his penis to more than 25 children or more than 13 women, per Dutch hospital recommendations. Future infants born through sperm donation are psychologically unaffected knowing they have hundreds of siblings and sisters as a result of helping to avert unintentional reproductive occurrences.

Jonathan Jacob Meijer sperm donor who donated more than 550 times in 2023, news cosa

Since 2007, Jonathan is reported to have given sperm between 550 and 600 times. He was prohibited from providing sperm to Dutch fertility clinics in 2017. He then kept serving overseas over the internet.

“I thank the court for putting an end to this big sperm donation that has spread like wildfire to other countries,” a mother of a child born through Jonathan comments in reference to this case. I want the sperm donor to abide by the court order out of respect for us,” she stated.

Jonathan did, however, indicate his wish to assist infertile parents during the experiment. It is significant that the artist known as the “Generous Gentleman” presently resides in Kenya.

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