IRAN seized the ship with 24 Indians onboard

Iran seized the ship with 24 crew men from India on board.

Dubai: The crude oil ship Advantage Sweet, owned by the Marshall Islands, was sailing to America. 24 Indians worked there. On the 27th, this ship, which was sailing in the Oman Sea, was taken by the Iranian navy.

Iranian navy seizes Advantage Sweet oil tanker ship with 24 Indians onboard and negotiations going on, year 2023

In this regard, the firm that owns the ship announced in a statement the day before yesterday that “We are continuing to negotiate for the safe recovery of the ship and its crew” and that “The Iranian Navy has detained the Advantage Sweet Tanker for violating the international maritime boundary.”

Advantage sweet tanker ship seized with 24 Indians onboard by IRAN

Iran said in a statement, “Advantage sweet tanker struck our country’s ship. In this, two workers from our nation have vanished. The repetition of such an episode in the Gulf area, according to the United States, is abhorrent. Advantage has also pushed for the sweet tanker’s rapid release.

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