NASA released new photo from Hubble telescope from New York, 2023 Commemorating 33 years in space

33 years of the Hubble telescope in Earth’s orbit! – New photo released by NASA

New York: To commemorate 33 years since the Hubble Space Telescope entered Earth’s orbit, a new image has been published.

In 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope was put into orbit. It was the first telescope sent into orbit from the planet. The Hubble telescope is comparable to a bus in size. Every 97 minutes, Hubble makes one orbit of the planet. (If you go at this speed, it will take you around one and a half minutes to get from Chennai to Thanjavur.) spectroscopy-capable and able to show infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light at three different wavelengths. It can recognize things even at a distance of 0.05 seconds.

NGC-1333, NASA space telescope commemorating 33 years in Earth's orbit, new photo released

33 years after the Hubble Space Telescope orbited the Earth, NASA has made a new photograph from that orbit available. This time, Hubble has imaged the space segment ‘NGC 1333’. ‘NGC 1333’ is a star-forming region. They are a reflection nebula in the constellation Pegasus. It is located about 960 light years from Earth.

The telescope Hubble, which was put into low-Earth orbit in 1990, is still in use today. A recent study of Hubble’s operations was done by NASA. According to NASA, Hubble will continue to function after this time until 2030.

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