War chasing Syrian people, Living in Sudan in fear. Sudan civil war 2023

17: War chasing Syrian people, Living in Sudan in distress!

“The rootless survivors are the ones who have the power to create another future” – one writer wrote about the life of refugees.

More than 30,000 individuals who fled Syria’s civil turmoil for Sudan are now at a loss. The same noises are again pursuing those who believed they had recovered from the catastrophic atmosphere of airstrikes, missiles, and gunfire in a different country.

In Sudan, there is presently fighting between the army and paramilitary groups. Many foreigners have since returned to their home countries. Returning home is not an option for the more than 30,000 Syrians now living in Sudan. Saleh Ismail, a 30-year-old immigrant to Sudan from the Syrian city of Raqqa, stated: “The situation in the capital Khartoum is very bad, but returning home is not an option for us.”

Syrian refugees in Khartoum, Sudan civil war 2023

“Protesters came to our area and took away small amounts of money and goods from us,” Al Bardan, a young Syrian, claimed. When my friend’s friend’s family attempted to leave Khartoum, they were kidnapped at gunpoint. I am not aware of what transpired to them.

To escape the civil strife in our own country, we sought sanctuary in another nation. In the nation where we seek sanctuary, there is currently a civil conflict. Many Syrians who reside in Sudan criticise their lack of direction. Nothing in this world is worse than war. Author Ernest Hemingway claimed in his book Farewell to Arms that if people who waged war had known how terrible it was, it would have spiralled out of control. That is what these heartbreaking tales remind us of.

Syrian refugees in distress in Khartoum, due to ongoing Sudan civil war 2023

Where’s the following one? In this instance, a sizable group of Syrians residing in Sudan had assembled and begun travelling towards Egypt. If you go through Khartoum, live. Then, in an effort to at least find a life, they journey to Egypt. Along the border between Sudan and Egypt is Wadi Halba. But they are still prohibited from entering Egypt.

A Syrian teenager named Al Bardan stated, “We are currently powerless. Going to Egypt is the first option. However, a lot of my friends who have already visited Wadi Halba near the Egyptian border have contacted me to ask me to delay leaving. Without even having access to water, we are battling in the desert. We are not yet permitted to enter Egypt, they claimed. I’m therefore trapped inside the home amid the deafening shooting.

Syrian refugee in amidst Sudan civil war crying, year 2023

Syria never seemed like a good idea. For two years, I was detained by the Syrian regime. I was subjected to horrendous torture at the hands of ISIL. I thus don’t want to travel to Syria. No matter what happens in this country, my family and I will not return to Syria. He declared, “We won’t go there until President Bashar al-Assad is in office.

It is essentially suicide. Abu Mohammed has recently been residing in Khartoum. He resides with his wife, two kids, and two pets. But now he has left Khartoum due to the civil conflict. Abu Muhammad and his family as a consequence landed in the port of Sudan.

Sudan civil war 2023, Syrian refugees struck in Khartoum, Sudan News

“We set off on a voyage with no assurance of survival. The number of kidnapping events was abundant. People from all around the world were ready to travel back home when we got to Sudan’s port. From there, we had the option of travelling to Saudi Arabia. But if we travel to Saudi Arabia, they would treat us like royalty as they return us to Syria. It is essentially suicide. We have sought sanctuary on the streets because we don’t know what to do, he remarked.

One author described the life of refugees by saying, “The survivors are the ones who have the power to create another future.” Let’s hope that these individuals build another such future. Because you can never tell where a war will lead its victims, people detest it.

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