Indian rescue flights from Indian airforce reach Sudan for rescuing Indians from Sudan civil war

2 planes, one ship ready to rescue Indians from Sudan: Indian Foreign Ministry

The Indian Army has two planes and a ship ready to transport Indians out of Sudan’s civil war, according to the Ministry of External Affairs.

The army and the country’s paramilitary forces are at odds in Sudan. As a result, numerous nations, including India, are taking action to save their citizens there. A total of 4,000 Indians are being sought after in Sudan by India.

The Indian Air Force is keeping two C-130J aircraft on standby in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The INS Sumedha of the Indian Navy has also arrived in Sudan’s port, the Ministry of External Affairs announced on Sunday.

Indian Navy sends ship to rescue Indians stuck in Sudan civil war

The government is doing all possible to guarantee the safety of Indians who are stranded in Sudan. We keep a careful eye on Sudan’s security condition. The State Department stated, “We are working with multiple partners to ensure the safe exit of Indians from Sudan.

In addition to the Sudanese government, the UN, and the Indian Embassy in Sudan The United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and the State Department are all in regular touch with one another through the State Department. Around 150 Sudanese citizens were repatriated to Saudi Arabia on Saturday. 91 of them are Saudi citizens. The remaining 66 are non-Americans. They include certain Indians. They were all transported out of Sudan by a Saudi naval warship.

“There have been reports of significant attacks in a number of Khartoum sites. Due to the war, all foreign flights are currently prohibited from using Sudan’s airspace. The landing might be dangerous” according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sudan civil war update as Indians stranded amidst chaos in Sudan

Indians who are trapped in Sudan are in frequent contact with the Embassy. They are instructed to avoid risk, move as little as possible, and maintain their safety. The State Department stated, “We are organising all available aid for the evacuation of Indians in Khartoum.”

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