Chinese spy drones at 3 times speed of light USA reveals

China plans to develop ‘spy drones’ that can travel 3 times speed of light: US

WASHINGTON: China plans to develop spy drones that can travel at three times the speed of light in the near future, according to a US intelligence document.

Secret information about the US and NATO member states helping Ukraine with its war plans was leaked days ago from US Secret Service documents. It also contained information about the US predicting China’s future actions. Information related to it is now out.

China spy drones at 3 times speed of light USA Washington DC Reveals

It said, “China plans to develop and deploy a supersonic spy drone sometime in the future. The rocket-powered surveillance drone, called the WZ-8, can operationally travel at three times the speed of light. (Light travels 3 lakh km in one second,” it said.

The information is contained in a document related to the US intelligence service amid rising military tensions between Taiwan and mainland China.

Chinese new spy drones can travel at 3 times speed of light 2023 news USA

Earlier, the document that was released contained descriptive images of the war in Ukraine, information on arms distribution, the current situation of the Ukrainian army, training schedules for 12 Ukrainian military units, information on the American training of Ukrainian soldiers, and other important information.

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