Ukraine Counter-strike against Russia?

Will Ukraine Launch a counter-strike against Russia? Know about it here.

Russia is a bigger country when compared to Ukraine, but for some reason this new conflict between Ukraine & Russia is being a tug of war rather than a real strategical war. If it was real war the war would have shown it’s real face sooner after the launch of attacks from Russian Military Regiments right from day one. But the war is kept dragging and like a hide and seek game.

So, Russian Military Forces are overwhelmingly huge when compared to Ukraine forces, but Ukraine can have the support from the NATO and other allied countries in the front of warbattle.

It’s been one year since Ukraine has been startled by Russian forces and been occupied by Russian Military Conquest.
The occupation of Russian Military Conquest on Ukraine started by the occupation of Kiev, the Ukraine’s only Stronghold military center.

Rumors spread that Ukraine may start the counter-strike against the Russian troops from Melitopol [A city in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Southeastern Ukraine]. But before that both the sides must endure the ongoing weather crisis of the mud season.

It seems that Ukraine has the advantage of war with Russia from the front end only when the mud season ends and the weather becomes favorable to Ukrainian troops, as Russian troops have the advantage of the weather already.

What is known as rasputitsa in Ukraine, is the season of weather from the end of winter’s snow fall to the start of spring’s sunshine, this time is where the army vehicles, tanks and trucks get stuck to the ground and earth with no further movement forward.

US Air Force veteran, David Helms predicted that the moisture loss from the Ukrainian soil will begin from the beginning of may month and further beyond. The soil will become dry in the southern Ukraine in the mid-april, two weeks later in Donetsk region and the soil will become dry in the Russian controlled Luhansk region in the mid-may further to the northern Ukraine.

Ukraine vs Russia war weather update and Ukraine counter-strike

Intel from Ukrainian army base reads that the Russian mechanized infantry and heavy tanks are struck with the muddy soil in the northern Ukraine and thus the counter-strike by the Ukrainian forces now can destabilize the Russian advancements.

David Helms from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration in the US recorded that mud season in context to the military vehicles does depend not only on the strength of the soil but also the type of military vehicles that are anticipated for the offensive advancements.

From Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s daily video message (Ukrainan President), reads that the counter-strike is planned further and with the help of financial support, tanks and ammunition support from the United States, United Kingdom, Poland and Germany as planned.

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