Russia fortifies Crimean Beaches expecting Ukraine Invasion

Russo-Ukraine War, Russia shuts tourism in Crimean Beaches Expects Invasion

Days after Ukraine missile was shot down by Russian Defense at the Crimean City of Feodosia, Russian artillery arsenal now stationed at the Crimean beaches.

In the year 2014, Vladimir Putin annexed the Crimean peninsula, And now to make this peninsula a secure stronghold for Russia, heavy barricades, trenches, shallow pits and defensive formations has been constructed in the Crimean beaches and at important access points in Crimea town.

Following, in the Ak-Monai location on the Taurida highway, tank traps called as “dragon’s teeth” have been installed by russian occupants to obstruct Ukraine from regaining the peninsula.

Putin made it clear that Crimea’s tourism and attraction must be sacrificed until the summer, to defend the area from Ukraine’s counter-strike.

Sergey Aksyonov, Oleg Kryuchkov Anatolievich, Leonid E Slutsky

Local media reports, the erection of defense lines photographed at ground and satellite level view, proving the Russian defense preparation to be true as heard through insiders.

Now, most fiercely defended are the northern part of the Crimean Beaches, which was in direct command of Vladimir Putin and his Defense ministers’ strategic advice.

Sergey Valeryevich Aksyonov, A Russian politician serving the Russian annexed republic of Crimean republic from the annexation year 2014, reported through telegram that “a missile launched from Ukrainian Artillery was shot down by Russian forces over the Crimean city of Feodosia”, but he did not add what type of projectile was it.

KRYUCHKOV Oleg Anatolievich, An assistant to Sergey Aksyonov was quoted by Russian TASS News Agency stating that the debris from the shot down missile landed in the Crimean City without any damage or harm to its surroundings.

Russian officials in Crimea stated that Ukraine soldiers have reportedly carried out drone assaults, but Kyiv administration has denied such blames as before.

Previously, in the month of march, Russia claimed to have shot down Ukraine’s force-propel-fired GLSDB guided smart bomb for the first unprecedented time.

Ukraine Russia War update Crimean Beach Defense Russian Artillery 2014-2023

Ukraine administration informed the news media that it might engage the Crimean Republic striking Russia if Russia moves forwards from its current position towards Ukraine crossing the peninsula borders.

Loss of Crimea might be terrible for Putin and the Russian Moscow Administration, to curb that loss Russia might do whatever it can, and whichever available weapon might be used against Ukraine Army Renaissance.

Leonid Slutsky, the deputy of state duma, Russia and the chairman of international affairs of the Russian Parliament has declared that ” The state of Crimea is not even up for discussion “.

The matter of Crimea was settled after the 2014 referendum and is not being read in the Russian Constitution and further the Crimean peninsula will remain indivisible from Russia as Kyiv is not powerful enough to regain the Crimean Republic, Leonid Slutsky said.

TASS media reported, Yan Gagin, military analyst and interim adviser of Donetsk Republic said Ukraine’s dream to enter Crimea is empty talk and it means explicitly nothing to the Russian advancements.

But Russia seems to be more concerned about the Crimean peninsula as its defense has been strengthened, including two land crossing points from Crimea to Ukraine, that has been fortified with military fortifications.

Ukraine has reported that Russia has mined several beaches in the Crimean Republic peninsual.

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