Sudan khartoum airbase rebel attack 2023 aerial view

Death toll rises in Sudan civil war: Plane catches fire at Khartoum airport

Khartum: The death toll continues to rise in the ongoing civil war in Sudan. Reuters has released a satellite image showing a Ukrainian plane on fire at Khartum International Airport.

In the last few days, clashes between the military and paramilitary forces have been seen in Sudan with the aim of seizing power. In this conflict regarding the merger of the paramilitary forces with the army, there was no amicable resolution between the paramilitary commander, Mohammad Hamdan Tagalo, and the army commander, Abdul Bada al-Barhan.

Saudi airplane destroyed by sudan freedom fighter rebels attacking 4th day at Khartoum Airport

As a result, conflict broke out between the country’s military and paramilitary forces. The army targeted the bases of paramilitary forces known as Action Support Forces.

People are afraid to come out of their houses in fear. The death toll continues to rise. The death toll from the civil war has risen to around 200 in the wider region, including the capital, Khartum.

More than 1800 people were injured as the riots spread. However, doctors said the death toll could be higher than the official estimate.

Sudan politics hot news 2023 april rebel attack on Khartoum airport

Reuters released a satellite image showing a Ukrainian plane on fire at Sudan’s Khartoum International Airport. It says military task forces have already taken over the presidential residence, the residence of the army chief, the offices of the country’s national television broadcaster, and Khartoum’s airport. However, the Sudanese army has refused to accept it.

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